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gregoria44's Journal

Is that why you're calling yourself 'Greg'?
30 August
Lots of waffle to be found here. At the moment it's mainly life's gripes and greats with a hefty serving of handsome men and pretty (but legal) boys & TV watching and fiction both slash and original (check out those memories if that sort of thing floats your boat.)

Oh, and there's some pictures of beautiful men in there (somewhere in userpics - the mechanics of which are beyond me) but remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you have different eyes to me.

New pals always welcome, but do drop a line to say "Hi."



Gif by miss_jaffacake, whose icons rock.

by Fuckyeahbrothersbloom over at Tumblr

Current journal name stolen from an episode of the BBC's Sherlock